Box Frame Wood Windows


The modern wood window is a one-sash window from glued 3 ply-wood; the glazing is of two-chambers, no less than 24mm, equipped with a tilt-turn hardware. The wing opens in any position and have the opportunity for winter ventilation.

One of the important criteria is their aesthetic properties. Beauty, neat surface treatment, elegance of the profile shape, color shades of different types of wood are of great importance when you decide on a window. Only the highest modern technology allows to achieve a high quality surface finish and to make complex shapes of the profile.

The window’s frame is fixed joined to the building’s wall. The sashes are attached movably to the frame, which consists of vertical and horizontal friezes. The friezes are the details, from which the sashes and frames of the window packet are made. The window packet is a window’s element, movably joined to the frame or another window packet.


Sash Wood Windows