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The cult of beauty combined with pragmatic accompanies man throughout his life. The tree has always been a primary building material, not only in construction but also in the decorative elements of the exterior and interior of the building, giving expression to the artistic flair of the builder. Contemporary woodwork has amazing technological features set in the material by the very nature itself: low thermal conductivity, high sound insulation, resistance to temperature fluctuations, environmentally friendly, unique ability to maintain humidity balance in the room.

MOSKOM, whose single receiver and continuer is Famoso Line, was founded in 1993. Company is specialized in manufacturing high quality wooden window frames, doors, wooden structures, exterior flooring of tropical woods such as shorea and masaranduba.

In 2003 the company realized investment project: Thorough reconstruction of the production facilities, upgrading machines with programmable control of the Italian firm SAC SUERI- for automated manufacturing of wooden double glazing windows EURO IV type 68 constructed in accordance with DIN 68 121. In windows, designed upon European technology, the indicators for insulation and noise protection are the highest.

Coefficient of thermal conductivity U (KW) = to 1,0 Wm-2K- 1
Sound insulation up to 36 dB.

Basic raw material used is wood: white pine, Oregon pine, cedar, larch, spruce, meranti, mahogany, eucalyptus, oak and walnut. The timber is a three-layer laminated profile made ​​up entirely of radial parts ensuring the durability of the shape of the final product. It is certified by the Institute for window technology in the city of Rosenheim, Germany.

Today the company is one of the leading Bulgarian companies in the industry. Distribution, supply and installation of our products are covered by production and sales network in major cities. High quality and reliability of Famoso Line products is guaranteed by the modern know-how and professionalism of employees and workers in the factory as well as high production standards.

Management and production team of the company consists of highly qualified professionals with experience.

Equipment capacity enables us, within a month, to produce and install about 3000 sq.m. of windows and 2000 interior doors.

Why Choose Us

“Famoso Line "LTD is a company with over 20 years of history, managed to remain successful in the market and having the largest and most modern factory for wooden frames, not only for Bulgaria, but throughout Europe. We offer a huge variety of products and solutions for your home and design.

Certified products and qualified staff with vast experience in the industry, has worked on all shapes, designs and construction projects in recent years.The business card of the company is the numerous historical monuments we have worked on in the capital Sofia and whole Bulgaria.

Thanks to the serious professional experience of the employees though the years, you will receive an individual approach to emerging issues and problems, precise communication, quick responses and efficiency.

We provide full cooperation and responsibility, challenge you with unconventional business ideas and solutions, reaching any location in the country and each client, we share the latest trends and information with you, and all that with ambitious, knowledgeable, capable and friendly experts.

Certificates and Guarantees

CE-3                                       ISO 9001:2015
Sertifikat-CE-1 iso-2014-bg

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