Wood Windows 68 Series


The modern wooden box with a single wing window, three layer glued profile unicameral glass with a thickness of 24 mm, equipped with twist-tilt hardware. Wing open in any position and have the opportunity for winter ventilation.

One of the important criteria determining the class of wooden windows are their aesthetic properties. Beauty, purity of surface treatment, aesthetic form of profiles, color shades of different types of wood are very important when choosing a window. Only high modern technologies allow to achieve a high quality surface treatment and impart complex shapes of the profile.

Frame of the window is fixed to the wall of the building. Her mobile attach the wings of the window package. Frame of the window consists of vertical and horizontal friezes. Friezes call details, which make the wings and the frame of the window package. Window envelope is a component of the window, movably connected with the frame or with any other set of window casements.


68 Series